Merger | Tongeren (B) 

– Founded in 1987 

– Interior projects 

– 30 employees 

The challenge 

As an interior design company, Merger focuses, among other things, on the production of interior doors. Not hundreds of copies, but unique pieces with varying dimensions and various rules regarding fire safety that must be taken into account. The ordering process for such an interior door is therefore complex. Customers often do not know which information is necessary, which sometimes results in a lot of phone calls to complete a complete order. Although the actual production of a door only takes a few hours, the order process results in a lead time that can range from 5 days to 2 weeks. 

The solution 

During a QRM training, an analysis was made of the entire order and production process within Merger. The time to be gained was clearly in the preliminary phase at the office. To tackle this, they opted for a tailor-made product configurator. In collaboration with Qmaze, all product features and rules were recorded in a simple and user-friendly portal. 

The results 

• The configurator saves a lot of time for employees in the office 

• The lead time of an interior door has been reduced to 48 hours 

• Customers can place an order more easily and immediately provide the correct  

• The effects of an order adjustment are immediately visible in the tool 

• The product configurator also serves as an internal control system that prevents  
    errors and responds to the rules regarding fire safety 

QUOTE (Robin Leën, CEO) “QRM is great. Not only will you produce faster, but as a small company you can also compete with larger companies.”