SME Voucher scheme

Manufacturing companies can receive advice and financial support through the ‘voucher scheme’ of the QRM4.0-project. These vouchers are a 100% subsidy, limited to 14.000 Euro, and allow manufacturing companies to collaborate with IT providers to introduce innovative digital technologies in their production and get expert coaching by the experts of the project consortium.  

The total value of a voucher is 14.000 Euro of which 8.000 Euro can be used to pay the external IT solution provider for its services. The remaining 6000 Euro can be used to insource expert knowledge from the project consortium. The consortium can grant only 15 vouchers. The voucher application procedure will be closed once all the vouchers have been granted. 

To apply for a voucher:
Fill in the form

Eligibility criteria 

The following criteria must be met to be eligible for funding: 

  1. The company must be a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) according to the European guidelines (LINK:  
  1. The company must be located in the Euregio Meuse Rhine (EMR). This EMR-region contains the following regions:  in Belgium:  Province Limburg, Province Liege, German speaking region; in the Netherlands: Province Limburg and in Germany: Aachen Region, Eifelkreis Bitburg Prüm, Kreis Vulkaneifel (link to map: 
  1. The company must be open to share their learning with other companies, for example, through presentations, publications, company visits, workshops, etc… 
  1. The company must demonstrate that they meet the EU-state aid requirements. European regulations limit the total amount of state aid a company can receive over a period of 3 years.  You will need to confirm that you haven’t reached the maximum state aid by completing the Article 28 GBER Declaration. You can download this form here. You will have to upload this form at the end of the application. 

Selection procedure 

After applying for a voucher through the webform, companies will be contacted by one of the local partners of the consortium to further review the request, gather background information and clarify the statements in the application. The Technical Group of the project consortium will review the application of the company based on the application form and the additional information reported by the local partner. The Technical Group will grant or deny the voucher request based upon the following criteria: 

  1. Does the company meet the eligibility criteria?​ 
  1. Does the application fit with the content and scope of the QRM4.0 project​? 
  1. Do we expect a sufficient impact to justify the funding?​ 
  1. Does the company have the capabilities (resources, time, know how) to successfully execute a project? 

The company will be informed about the decision, the granted funding, the payment requirements and payment timing. The consortium strives to process all voucher requests within 2 months (from initial request to funding decision).