Technology Sheets

  • Are digital work instructions really better than paper work instructions?
    In recent years, many studies have been published on the effectiveness of digital work instructions. This has yielded many valuable lessons for manufacturing companies, which we summarise for you in … Lees meer
  • Mobile robots for lead time reduction
    Time is money. In manufacturing production systems the faster one can bin pick, process, pack and transport, the more orders can be handled, hence the production would be more profitable. This is defined as the lead time reduction or quick … Lees meer
  • Flexible manufacturing for lead time reduction
    Flexibility in manufacturing is a key advantage which means the ability of handling mixed parts through the manufacturing process. By taking advantage of flexibility in manufacturing, it is possible to handle variation in parts assembly and variations in process sequence, … Lees meer
  • Digital Twins for lead time reduction
    A digital twin is a digital representation of a process, service, or product from a physical world into the digital world. Digital twining is not a single product, but is a concept of multiple technologies like 3D simulation, Internet of Things (IoT), big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI). The equivalence between the … Lees meer
  • Process optimization with data intelligence
    Technological advances have made collecting, processing and analysing data much cheaper, easier and more accessible. Organizations can become smarter using the knowledge and insights they acquire from such data, potentially … Lees meer
  • Technological possibilities in Industry 4.0
    Factories have been making improvements to their production processes for centuries now, starting with the invention of the steam engine. Until then, fabrics were woven by hand, but with the … Lees meer
  • Digital Storytelling
    Passing on information in story form is as old as humanity itself. You only need to think, for example, of hunters returning with their spoils to their tribe in prehistoric … Lees meer
  • What are the dos and don’ts when rolling out a long-term organizational change?
    QRM gives a very clear idea of how to design your organization. But organizations can encounter various obstacles when rolling this out. John Kotter’s eight-step model sets out clear guidelines … Lees meer
  • Which causes of lead-time problems are often overlooked?
    In manufacturing companies, the actual causes of lead-time problems are often overlooked. Mapping the organizational structure is crucial to identifying lead-time problems. Quick response manufacturing (QRM) starts out by splitting … Lees meer
  • How can your manufacturing company solve lead-time problems?
    Quick response manufacturing (QRM) focuses on reducing lead times by splitting order flows and creating integrated teams. But how do you implement a holistic change in your organization aimed at … Lees meer
  • POLCA: How to make your shop floor rock
    Production planning and control is a daunting task for many manufacturing companies. Planning and control problems show up in a low delivery reliability, long lead times and lots of chaos … Lees meer
  • MCT: A practical tool to visualize time
    MCT: A practical tool to visualize time  Abstract  Lead time reduction starts with mapping your lead time. The MCT is a handy tool that lets you quickly map out your lead times and gain insights.  Main text  Reducing lead time offers numerous advantages. … Lees meer
  • Digital work instructions
    Importance of crosstraining  Crosstraining of employees is a crucial activity for companies that want to reduce their lead time. The impact of cross-training is underestimated by many companies. However, cross training has a lot … Lees meer