Lambrechts Nicolaers

Lambrechts-Nicolaers | Tongeren (B) 

– Founded in 1924 

– Producer of tiles and natural stone 

– 45 employees 

The challenge 

When CEO Michel Lambrechts came into contact with QRM as a strategy, he decided to review the way of working in his company. First, a product configurator was developed, the Stone App, to simplify the ordering process and to prepare incoming orders completely and without errors. Although the configurator already solved many problems, Lambrechts-Nicolaers continued to run into the process that follows after an order. The planning of all the different orders was mixed up. The production manager was the only one who had an overview of what was where, with the result that he had to constantly move from one department to another. This caused considerable waiting times in production. 

The solution 

To continue to focus on QRM, even after an order appears on the production floor, Lambrechts-Nicolaers enlisted the help of 24 Flow. This digital shop floor management system, which was internally renamed 24 Stone, turned out to be the perfect tool to identify and efficiently solve planning issues. 

The results 

• The changes ensure more correct planning and more peace of mind in the  
   organization, both in the office and in the production halls 

• The production manager no longer has to walk around endlessly to get an overview 

• You can work in multiple shifts, without the production manager always having to be  

• Delivery times are automatically communicated to customers 

QUOTE (Christophe Laruelle, Production Manager) “There is a saying that standing still is going backwards. If we don’t evolve with the times, we will lose touch with the new technologies.”