Voucher cases

  • Lambrechts Nicolaers
    Lambrechts-Nicolaers | Tongeren (B)  – Founded in 1924  – Producer of tiles and natural stone  – 45 employees   The challenge  When CEO Michel Lambrechts came into contact with QRM as…Read moreLambrechts Nicolaers
  • Merger
    Merger | Tongeren (B)  – Founded in 1987  – Interior projects  – 30 employees   The challenge  As an interior design company, Merger focuses, among other things, on the production of…Read moreMerger
  • Dronematrix
    DroneMatrix | Diepenbeek (B)  – Founded in 2015  – Drones as a service  – 16 employees   The challenge  With a product like drone-in-a-box, DroneMatrix has to position itself flexibly in…Read moreDronematrix
  • KS Metaalwerken
    KS Metaalwerken | Kortessem (B)  – Founded in 2001  – Metalworking  – 12 employees   The challenge  KS Metaalwerken has experienced strong growth in recent years and is constantly looking for…Read moreKS Metaalwerken
  • Group Nivelles
    Group Nivelles | Gingelom (B)  – Gingelom  – Founded in 1994  – Manufacturer of bathroom furniture and drainage systems  – 50 employees  The challenge  The lead time for new custom…Read moreGroup Nivelles
  • Hayen Laser Technology
    Hayen Laser Technology | Sint-Truiden (B)  – Founded in 2006  – Metalworking of industrial sheet metal  – 25 employees   The challenge  With a view to further growth, Hayen Laser Technology…Read moreHayen Laser Technology
  • Paumelles Liégeoises
    Founded in 1961 as ‘Pomel’ Manufacture and sale of wide range of metal weld-on hinges, often in limited series, for a variety of applications and sectors ranging from wind turbines…Read morePaumelles Liégeoises
  • Plastics & Mechanical Technologies
    Plastics & Mechanical Technologies (PMT) | Herstal (B) – Founded in 1989  – Manufacture and repair of screws, valves and cylinders  – 15 employees   The challenge  PMT has more than 40…Read morePlastics & Mechanical Technologies
  • Dumoulin Aero
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  • Mockel
    Founded in 1947 Manufactures complex, high-precision machined parts for a variety of sectors: 50% for defence, 30% for aerospace and 5% for space 50 employees Challenges The series ordered by…Read moreMockel
  • Plastiqual
    1.1 PLASTIQUAL | PETIT-RECHAIN (B) Founded in 1980 Serving its customers in the plastic material injection field. 25 employees 2 The challenge Plastiqual faces to excessive amounts of raw materials,…Read morePlastiqual
  • Chromin Maastricht
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  • Rijvers
    Rijvers | Weert (NL)  – Founded in 1953  – Processor of sheet materials  – 25 employees   The challenge  As a supplier to the furniture and project industry, Rijvers has already…Read moreRijvers
  • Strakk
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  • AIM
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  • Vlukon
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