KS Metaalwerken

KS Metaalwerken | Kortessem (B) 

– Founded in 2001 

– Metalworking 

– 12 employees 

The challenge 

KS Metaalwerken has experienced strong growth in recent years and is constantly looking for ways to improve its operation. Much attention was paid to structure and order in the workplace. A tailor-made ERP system contributes to this. KS Metaalwerken now wanted to extend this structure throughout the entire company. All innovations and changes of recent years have an important impact on the employees of KS Metaalwerken. The company therefore also wants to focus more on change management and involving employees, which is in line with the QRM philosophy. 

The solution 

For KS Metaalwerken, the missing link in their production process was clear: visualization of the orders. After researching QRM, they found a match with PROPOS, a tool for production planning and shop floor control. KS Metaalwerken implemented the software as an extension of their ERP system. To maximize the chance of internal acceptance of the new tool, input from employees was listened to and their comments were taken into account. 

The results 

• With PROPOS there is more overview and peace of mind on the work floor 

• Employees themselves have final responsibility for planning and completing orders  
   within their cell 

• Thanks to cross-training, employees can be deployed more widely and absences are  
   dealt with more efficiently 

• The lines of communication with customers are shorter 

• There is a sense of pride and involvement in the organisation 

QUOTE (Ronny Bogaers, Operations Manager) “Involvement is a very important factor to get the employees on board.”