Open call for IT providers

Customers expect fast delivery times and highly customized products. This forces enterprises to transform their production processes to a new way of manufacturing. Speeding up manufacturing requires human-centered process innovation (‘Quick Response Manufacturing’) and innovative digital technologies (‘Industry 4.0’). 

QRM4.0 is an Interreg project of the Euregion Meuse-Rhine. QRM4.0 is supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in their Quick Response Manufacturing journey through coaching, training and the sharing of expertise and best practices. Participating enterprises will receive practical know-how and will learn from hands-on workshops, company visits, demonstrations and interactions with innovation leaders. A learning network of manufacturing enterprises and IT solution providers will serve as a platform to exchange best practices. 


Through a subsidized ‘voucher system small and medium manufacturing enterprises will receive support and coaching to transform and digitize their production process. Manufacturing SMEs can get a 100% subsidy up to 8000 Euro through a voucher to insource technological support from an IT solutions provider. This subsidy covers max. 10 days of support at an average rate of 800€/day or 8.000€. 

The names of accredited IT solution providers will be published on the project website and made available to manufacturing enterprises. The manufacturing enterprises can choose from this list based on the expertise or support needed. 


This call is aimed at experienced IT solution providers who want to be accredited for the QRM4.0 project. The IT solution providers must meet the following criteria to be accredited through this open call:  

  • The IT provider must be willing to provide services to manufacturing SME’s in the Euregion Meuse Rhine. This region contains the Belgian provinces Limburg and Liege, the Dutch province Limburg and the region around Aachen in Germany. (see map on: 
  • There must be a clear and explainable link between the software functionality offered and the potential to reduce lead times on the shop floor of manufacturing SME’s.  

The potential of the offered software services and the experience of the IT solution provider can be demonstrated by providing actual case descriptions or testimonials of manufacturing SME’s who were able to reduce their shop floor lead time by using the software of the IT solution provider. 

IT solution providers that convincedly meet the requirements get accredited and are included in the IT Solution provider pool after an analysis and review by the Technical Group of the QRM4.0 consortium. 


The end date of the QRM4.0 project is 30th June 2023. The total budget for the manufacturing SME’s is limited to 15 vouchers. Manufacturing SME’s will be served on a first come, first serve basis as long as they meet the project criteria. 

There is no deadline for the IT solution providers to get accredited. However this call will be closed as soon as the maximum amount of granted vouchers has been reached. It is therefore in the interest of the IT solution providers to get accredited as soon as possible. 


IT Solution providers who want to get accredited should submit an accreditation request to the project consortium. This written request should contain the following information: 

  • Company information: name, address, company number (VAT), website  
  • Contact persons and contact information 
  • Background description of company:  
    • short history 
    • size (sales revenue, staff) 
    • mission and vision 
    • activities and target markets 
    • number of past implementations 
  • List of products and services with a link to shop floor lead time reduction and an explanation on how these products or services reduce shop floor lead times. 
  • Relevant case descriptions or testimonials by customers that demonstrate the impact of the offered solutions. 

The request should be sent in pdf-format to:


This project has been made possible thanks to the financial support of the following organizations: