Hayen Laser Technology

Hayen Laser Technology | Sint-Truiden (B) 

– Founded in 2006 

– Metalworking of industrial sheet metal 

– 25 employees 

The challenge 

With a view to further growth, Hayen Laser Technology started a change process in 2017. The first adjustments were aimed at integrating the office, the shop floor and the machines. Although the company already made great steps with this, it still faced some challenges. Orders often consist of small runs, each in a different quantity and a different production sequence. In the system at the time, this resulted in a lack of overview, both on the shop floor and in the office, with a negative impact on lead time and delivery reliability. The inefficient planning of the production process also put a brake on the company’s growth. Due to the large amount of work in progress, insufficient production capacity could be released to meet the extra demand from customers. 

The solution 

To address these challenges, Hayen Laser Technology chose to introduce QRM. With the help of the PROPOS software tool, a better overview of the order flow was obtained. In addition, an extra software intermediate layer ensured integration with the systems that were already in use in production, such as the ERP and the management software for the machines. QRM cells were then set up for three major clients. Within these cells, virtually all actions for the products of those customers are carried out. 

The results 

• The amount of work in progress has fallen sharply: from 315,000 euros to 89,000 euros, with the same order volume 

• Delivery reliability has increased from 27% to 76% 

• Thanks to PROPOS software: 

  • Continuous view of the order flow 
  • More rest on the work floor 
  • No paper schedule that has to be gone over every morning 
  • No more starting on incomplete orders 
  • No small orders left unattended or forgotten 
  • Correct communication with customers 

QUOTE (Philippe Baldewijns, Director Operations & ICT)“In my opinion, the biggest advantage of QRM is that you no longer have to chase after the facts.