Plastics & Mechanical Technologies

Plastics & Mechanical Technologies (PMT) | Herstal (B) 
– Founded in 1989 

– Manufacture and repair of screws, valves and cylinders 

– 15 employees 

The challenge 

PMT has more than 40 years of experience in the field of injection and extrusion of plastics. However, the company had a problem with delivering orders on time. A high percentage of orders were also returned due to manufacturing defects. 

The solution 

PMT started looking for a way to limit delays without additional costs for the company. They soon ended up at Quick Response Manufacturing. PMT created dynamic production cells that ensure that parts move in one direction. Furthermore, the multi-employability of the staff was promoted through cross-training, which means that the process goes through much faster. To also optimize the planning, the digital planning system TOOWHE was introduced. This gives every operator insight into the order of the orders. 

The results 

• Thanks to QRM there are fewer manufacturing defects and orders are delivered faster 

• The amount of work in progress has decreased by 30% 

• Delivery reliability has increased from 50% to 70% 

• The employees experience less chaos and stress 


(Nicolas Henrard, General Manager) “The system plans the order in which each operator has to work. As a result, employees no longer ask the question: what do I do after I have completed my task? Cheap, fast and very efficient.”