Lively closing event ‘Create flow with QRM4.0’ on June 15, 2023

The closing event ‘Create Flow’of the QRM4.0 project was held at Thor Park in Genk, which drew an enthusiastic gathering of 50 visitors. This final event provided a valuable platform for industry experts to share their learnings and experiences regarding the implementation of Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) and the impact of digital technologies on manufacturing.

Distinguished speakers representing various businesses took the stage, captivating the audience with their insightful presentations. They delved into the practical applications of QRM, recounting anecdotes of how this innovative methodology has revolutionized their respective operations. Through vivid examples, they underscored the benefits of the QRM principles, like reduced lead times, enhanced flexibility, improved productivity, and a newfound empowerment among employees. The fusion of QRM with digital technologies emerged as a driving force behind heightened efficiency and increased competitiveness.

Check out the after movie of this event, produced by Ronald Scheer from Fontys University of Applied Sciences.