Group Nivelles

Group Nivelles | Gingelom (B) 

– Gingelom 

– Founded in 1994 

– Manufacturer of bathroom furniture and drainage systems 

– 50 employees 

The challenge 

The lead time for new custom orders was very long, which meant that Group Nivelles missed out on projects. The average turnaround time of eight weeks included four to five weeks of office time. After all, custom orders required extra office work, such as making custom drawings and work preparation for each order. Several departments were involved in the office process: sales requested drawings from a designer to be assessed by the customer, work preparation had to prepare a number of documents, and so on. Steps and transfers that extended the lead time each time. If the customer requested a change, the cycle started again, and the lead time got even longer. 

The solution 

The manual tasks were largely automated by a product configurator. Once the correct data has been entered, it is passed on to the program that automatically creates drawings and a work and material list. Transfers were also done away with. This was possible thanks to the linking of the product configurator, the drawing program and the machine programs via one umbrella software program from Jorosoft. This allows Group Nivelles tools to communicate with each other and everything from configurator to production runs automatically. 

The results 

• The turnaround time at the office has been reduced from four to five weeks to one day 

• The back office has full control over the process and is no longer dependent on the  
   availability of work preparation 

• Overarching software package ensures a better workflow and fewer processing errors 

• All information is integrated and stored directly in digital systems 

• The capacity released in work preparation can be used for new projects 

QUOTE (Shana Keyen, Back Office Employee)“QRM gives us more time to do the important things, instead of wasting time checking orders.”