The company

247TailorSteel BV was founded by Mr. Carel van Sorgen, who has been working in the sheet steel machining industry for over 40 years. 247TailorSteel supplies customized laser-cut sheet and tube material, and has benefited from the use of a laser cutting machines since 1978. By 2015, thousands of customers have taken advantage of the 247TailorSteel portal, Sophia®, to order customized laser-cut sheets and tubes online.

247TailorSteel is part of the ‘Smart Bending Factory’ field lab, in which an ultramodern, physical metal machining factory is set up. In this factory, companies can share knowledge, experience, and resources for the joint operation of machining processes. Customers can order fully digitalized products online, with the assurance that one product costs the same individually as it would within a series of 500.


247TailorSteel helps their clients via QRM to speeds up production processes. They themselves keep on evolving as well. Normally, clients had to wait a few days for the feedback whether parts were accepted or not. Now they are able to see right away if the parts are accepted after placing the quotation.

They will be informed right away through a short report in which the client can find possible solutions to adjust their drawings.


In order to adapt to the problems one could face dealing with the product of 248TailorSteel, they created Sophia®; a user-friendly tool, will speed up the purchasing process considerably.

Sophia® is a fully automated tool which can be used to easily order laser-cut metal sheet and tube materials. Log in with Sophia® and upload the STEP, DXF or DWG file. You will receive a detailed quote from a STEP, DXF or DWG file in real time. Sophia® analyses the products and designs rapidly. She also gives insight into the associated costs during the design phase. Quotes are valid for two days after request. The client can then select their desired delivery date.

Since ordering requires no human interaction, error margins are kept to a minimum. Thanks to their premium digital process, they are able to work quickly and efficiently for an optimal end result.


The logistics processes in their machine park are carried out by AGVs and robots. An AGV is an automated guide vehicle, which at 247TailorSteel means that the AGVs automatically transport the plate and tube material to the laser cutting machine loading station. The laser cutting machines are then automatically loaded by the robots. The cutting dimensions are generated directly from your digital order. The intelligent and user-friendly tool Sophia® is not only quick and flexible but also extremely efficient.

Link: https://www.247tailorsteel.com/en

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