Pattyn – PMC

The company

PMC has been a household name in West Flanders’ metal industry for over 30 years now. On a brand-new site in the old Philips R&D building in Bruges, PMC has recently started working exclusively as a ‘job shop’ for Pattyn, a global player in the field of packaging lines and machines

The need

When they moved to a new building, they were so busy with accommodating, connecting and installing the machines that their focus strayed from the business. This resulted in a delivery backlog. PMC wanted to improve its delivery reliability.

The solution

Certain machines were brought together, which has not only reduced the number of steps in the process but has also meant that more can be done in each step. As a result, half of the workstations have been eliminated.

The information also made it possible to visualize the current and future workload, thereby ensuring that any peaks can be anticipated in good time.

The result

After just two months, the company’s delivery reliability had shot up from 80% to 99.5%. Moreover, nowadays there is only half the work on the shop floor. This doubles space savings and halves the time spent looking for items. There is also much less of an emphasis on planning and paperwork,
saving a lot of time. Overheads are also substantially lower.

The future

We are continuing to develop further, and we also want to operate more transparently in other areas.

Not that long ago, Managing Director Jan Pauwels shifted the focus from large production volumes to smaller ones with greater variety: “QRM was just the solution we were looking for. By embracing PROPOS, we are taking the next step towards a more systematic and efficient way of working.”

We thank Propos for providing us this testimonial.


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