The company

Specializing in manufacturing wire and sheet metal work, the Filame Group has established itself as a key partner for the manufacturing of high-precision springs, such as torsion, compression, tension and leaf springs, sheet metal work and press works (cut pieces and stamping on mechanical and hydraulic presses, in small, medium and large series). The Filame Group offers various metalworking technologies, as well as a recognised presence on the market and high-quality customer service.

We deliver products across Europe within 24 hours and also have customers around the world, with extra-fast delivery times for countries such as France, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

With our diverse production resources and sites, we consistently implement our values and strategies and thus position ourselves as the technological leader for springs and cut and drawn parts (automatic and stand-alone press works) as well as sheet metal bending.

In total, no fewer than 500 million products leave our workshops each year. Created by a team of over 50 employees and a sustained investment programme, our products are manufactured using the most powerful and most modern machines. Our departments develop CAD plans of parts and tools, design data sheets and build prototypes and series, regardless of the quantity.

We maintain partnerships with international customers from all sectors, ranging from the civil engineering and automotive industries to locksmiths and taking in the machine-tool, construction, electronics, arms and medical industries.

The need

In an effort to speed up its delivery times, further improve its quality performance and reduce its production costs, Filame has also set up PROPOS’s QRM software at its plant in Nivelles.

The solution

PROPOS’s QRM system is based on the principles of quick response manufacturing (QRM). This is a unique production planning and management system that enables real-time optimization of the production order flow in the workshop, reducing manufacturing times and ensuring that orders are completed in time.

The results

In this way, PROPOS offers Filame advanced planning systems (such as automatic selection of the best time to launch production and priority management) and capacity management (load balancing), including digital POLCA and management of waiting times (buffer management).

All this gives every Filame worker a real-time view of all production orders and enables them to manage priorities themselves and so accelerate the time spent in the workshop to ensure maximum satisfaction for Filame customers.

*This article was originally written by the Filame Group and is their property.


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